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Muscular Dystrophy UK Forest Bathing Garden

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Muscular Dystrophy UK

The leading charity for over 60 muscle wasting and weakening conditions. For over 60 years, Muscular Dystrophy UK has been building a community of individuals living with muscle-wasting or weakening conditions, families and carers, scientists, health professionals, supporters, volunteers, and donors. Making advances that would have been unthinkable just ten years ago.

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Garden Rehoming

Where can you visit this garden after the Show?

The garden will be relocated to the Institute of Developmental and Regenerative Medicine in Oxford and will benefit not just the community of patients, clinicians and experts, but the general public too. MDUK has been funding science in Oxford for over 50 years. The garden will be located in the public gardens that surround the new research centre.

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Tom Stuart-Smith
Garden Designer