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Hands Off Mangrove by Grow2Know

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Grow2Know’s heart lies in reclaiming space and reconnecting people with nature and each other. Putting community at the forefront in the creation of public, outdoor spaces, Grow2Know is pioneering a model that pivots on consultation, collaboration, and place-making.

Building partnerships to activate spaces, the grassroots non-profit is committed to inspiring a culture change to implement more sustainable systems that promote biodiversity, circular economies and regenerative practices. Grow2Know is on a mission to inspire, heal and educate through horticulture - embarking on a journey to make gardening more inclusive and nature accessible to all.

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Garden Rehoming

Where can you visit this garden after the Show?

The team is currently consulting with local residents on the final plans for the relocated garden to ensure it meets their needs and aspirations and is working with Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea to finalise planning permission and secure additional funding to create the new community garden.

"The garden represents two relevant and powerful messages - one of social injustice and the other of climate injustice - of which both shine a light on the harsh realities of our past, present and future, to evoke urgent action to create a better world for future generations. We aspired to break down barriers and encourage diversity across the gardening world by planting a seed of change." - Danny Clarke, Director, Grow2Know

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"Gardening saved me at that time in my life, and I hope it will do the same for others. It has the capacity to heal and unify irrespective of culture, race, ethnicity, religion or age." - Tayshan Hayden-Smith, Co-founder/Director, Grow2Know

Tom Stuart-Smith
Garden Designer