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Core Arts is a leading mental health creative education centre, based in Hackney, that promotes positive mental health and wellbeing through a college-like environment of creative learning. Providing quality education, training, employment and social enterprise initiatives that enable people who experience mental health issues to overcome barriers, fulfil their potential and participate fully in their community.

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Garden Rehoming

Where can you visit this garden after the Show?

All plants, trees and materials from the garden have been repurposed by Core Arts to create a new community garden in a churchyard in Hackney, as an extension of their neighbouring sites. Consultation with Core Arts members, volunteers and local people directed the masterplan for the new garden, devised by Core Arts staff and Nemone Mercer of Core Landscapes.

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"The garden is a celebration of the time, energy and skill that Core students and volunteers’ have given to making the local neighbourhood in Hackney a nicer, greener place for everyone. RHS Chelsea was a brilliant stage to show the impact plants and green spaces can have on our positive mental health, particularly when we garden together." - Nemone Mercer, Core Landscapes Project Director

Tom Stuart-Smith
Garden Designer